Laura Alexander

Laura holds a degree in law from Cardiff University. Instead of pursuing a legal career, she instead transitioned into the commercial sphere, where, for several years, she managed large flagship retail stores in London.

Over the past decade, Laura has played a pivotal role in steering one of the UK's prominent travel health companies. Progressing through various positions, from General Manager to UK Operations Director, she oversaw the UK operations of a multinational business, reporting directly to the Board. Her responsibilities encompassed a broad spectrum, from shaping strategic direction to day-to-day operational governance.

Having returned to her hometown, Laura assumed the role of Director of Commercial Operations at the St John's Foundation in Bath. In this capacity, she oversees the commercial trading arm of the charity, reinvesting all profits to support the organisation's vital initiatives.

Laura was a trustee of the Endeavour Academy Trust for three years prior to its merger with TiLA.