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Thyrone Hodgson

Thyrone has been a member of the Board and the Finance & Audit Committee since November 2017. He started his career in finance and accounting with the Department of Education in the Northern Territory of Australia.

While many of the educational priorities are the same as in the UK, the Northern Territory has the additional challenge of delivering education to isolated communities. The Northern Territory, the rectangular section of central Australia extending to its north coast, represents a land mass that is more than five times the size of the UK for a population half the size of Bristol City. Or put another way, imagine the mayor of Brighton responsible for the population peppered throughout an area extending from the town hall to Berlin in one direction and Tangier Morocco in the other.

I am passionate about working with organisations to optimise their business architecture to execute their strategy. Consulting to Federal agencies in Australia including the Child Support Agency, the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Defence highlighted to me the role of operational excellence as a force to drive assurance under public scrutiny. In the Middle East my work focused on the financial management of major infrastructure projects, the largest of which was the 2022 FIFA World CupTM Programme for the Qatari Government. A mega sporting event to be sure, but also a platform to reinvent their country. From reinvention to transformation, in 2016 I moved to Bristol with my family to consult to the Department of Defence UK on a multi-year enterprise transformation programme covering their people, processes, and systems.

I have always been an advocate of lifelong learning. But over the years the motivation has moved from general curiosity to necessity. The necessity to future proof myself, the organisations I work with, and future proofing our children’s prospects. As a father of two I have been challenged to walk the talk. When asked by my eight year old daughter why she has to learn so many different subjects, my answer contained a mysterious kernel that would compel her to do a little research, and she took the bait. ‘Dad, what is a polymath?’ I revealed that a polymath is a very special type of person, and that she could look it up. But she cut me short, and completely severed my discretely placed marionette strings. ‘It’s okay Dad, no need. A polymath would mean someone who is many-maths’. Proud dad.