Our Schools

The Trust is responsible for four academies and one Trust school all of which are based in Bristol. There are three schools/academies located in the south of the City:

  • New Fosseway Special School providing education from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5
  • Bridge Learning Campus providing education from Nursery through to the end of Key Stage 4 and,
  • Parson Street Primary School providing education from Nursery to the end of Key Stage 2

In the north of Bristol we have two schools:

  • Filton Avenue Primary School providing education from Key Stage 1 to the end of key Stage 2 and,
  • Orchard School Bristol providing education from Year 7 to the end of Key Stage 4

As a group of schools we work very closely with each other as we all believe in, and commit to, the importance of collaboration to aid improvement in all that we do. Whilst all of our schools have a comprehensive intake of children and students, significant numbers come from disadvantaged backgrounds who deserve equity of provision and opportunity. At the heart of our Trust is our drive to overcome the inequality of opportunity that can stem from one's background.

As a school or academy being part of the family of schools that is Trust in Learning means not only sharing our views on collaboration and the importance of sharing of best practice, but it means contributing activity. The core purpose of any school is to improve the quality of teaching and the same applies to a Trust.  All of us have a responsibility to help each other and this lies at the heart of our day to day work.