Trust in Learning is a Multi Academy Trust serving schools in the west of England.

At our heart are our staff.  We know that the education we provide is delivered by our exceptional teams in all our schools and we seek to value each and every one.

Our approach to developing staff is based on the principle that “if you develop, the school develops” we invest time and resource in identifying how each individual can develop their skills, knowledge and talent to keep improving.

We are building a Talent programme that identifies potential progression routes within the organisation for those with the ambition and talent to excel.  We have support programmes to allow extra off timetable time for those in their early teaching career to spend time developing resources and skills, this is currently a pilot at one of our schools.

We offer opportunities to be involved in paid research, collaborate with other Trust Schools on improving practice and gain support from our community of staff.

We are investing in Mental-Health well-being for all staff, collaborating with specialists to provide immediate support for any member of staff at all levels of intervention.

Working for Trust in Learning schools means being valued, supported and heard.

We encourage potential colleagues to come into our schools and look around.

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