Who We Are

We are a charity that has been set up to help schools and children. Trust in Learning is committed to improving schools and the experiences of children and young people so that they can become successful learners and responsible citizens.

Our Vision: is to improve the quality of schooling and outcomes in Bristol and the West of England for children and young people by promoting communities that trust in learning and the endeavour of education to transform lives. We support and challenge this improvement through fostering the autonomy and empowerment of effective leadership and governance.

Our Values: are ones that promote an inclusive approach to education where we seek to overcome social disadvantage and bring about social cohesion and equality. In order to do this we challenge traditional approaches to schooling to bring about sustained change through supporting excellence of leadership and classroom practice.

Our values are underpinned by the belief that partnership and collaborative working are the foundation blocks for successful education outcomes, that we all have individual and collective strength and opportunity by supporting and learning from others.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Trust in Learning – the best classrooms
  • Trust in Leadership – the best leaders
  • Trust in Local governance – the best local commitment

Our Team

Sue Elliott profile picture

Sue Elliott


Drw Cannon profile picture

Drw Cannon

Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Julia Hinchliffe profile picture

Julia Hinchliffe

Director of Education

David Spence profile picture

David Spence

Director of School Improvement

Rachel Peregrine profile picture

Rachel Peregrine

Director of SEND, Safeguarding and Inclusion

Kate Richards-Short profile picture

Kate Richards-Short

Director of Professional Learning and Development

Catherine Bennett profile picture

Catherine Bennett


Claire Virtue profile picture

Claire Virtue


John Sullivan profile picture

John Sullivan

Leadership Coaching, Instructional Coaching, Teaching and Learning

Human Resources

Gail Empson profile picture

Gail Empson

HR Manager

Abigail Martin profile picture

Abigail Martin

HR Manager

Rebecca Ford profile picture

Rebecca Ford

Senior HR and Payroll Administrator

George Stratos profile picture

George Stratos

Recruitment Services Lead

Torrie Muir profile picture

Torrie Muir

HR and Recruitment Administrator

Holly Empson profile picture

Holly Empson

HR and Recruitment Administrator

Central Finance

Wendy Andaya profile picture

Wendy Andaya

Finance Manager

Tracey Horobin profile picture

Tracey Horobin

Finance Supervisor

Joanne Barker profile picture

Joanne Barker

Finance Senior Assistant

Central Estates

Helen Guy profile picture

Helen Guy

Estates Manager

Zoe Prewett profile picture

Zoe Prewett

Trust Catering Manager

Katie Snailham profile picture

Katie Snailham

Deputy Catering Manager


Stephen Hardwell profile picture

Stephen Hardwell

Head of Trust IT Services

Nick Steadman profile picture

Nick Steadman

IT Systems Manager

Ian Mitchell profile picture

Ian Mitchell

IT Services Manager

Kyran Meacham profile picture

Kyran Meacham

IT Technician

Liam Parfitt profile picture

Liam Parfitt

IT Apprentice

Mark Hockerday profile picture

Mark Hockerday

IT Technician