Admissions Consultation

Trust in Learning (Academies) are consulting on the proposed Admissions Arrangements for the 2025 admission year for the following schools:

Charlton Wood Primary Academy

Fonthill Primary Academy

Henbury Court Primary Academy

Little Mead Primary Academy

Following the merger of Endeavour Academy Trust with Trust in Learning (Academies), we have carried out a review of the admission arrangements in order to tighten up wording and criteria and to remove any ambiguity to parents/carers.

Whilst we have not made any changes to the current oversubscription criteria and tie breaker (including related criteria such as how distance is measured) we have made changes to how the admission arrangements are laid out, with each of our schools having their own distinct arrangements in order to make them much clearer and to ensure that they are fully compliant with the School Admissions Code 2021.

Each of the arrangements can be found by clicking on the links below and would welcome any comments if you have any by using the link below to the consultation response form.

CWPA Admissions Policy 2025

FHPA Admissions Policy 2025

HCPA Admissions Policy 2025

LMPA Admissions Policy 2025

Consultation Response Form

The consultation process will open from Wednesday 29th November 2023 until Wednesday 24th January 2024.